Our Foundation Story

It all started when I received a call on the 20th October 2016. It was from a colleague, informing me that a key member of my team, Fred Botica, had died suddenly. Fred was our organisation’s go-to-person, he knew everything about the operations. The knowledge that we lost when Fred died was probably irreplaceable. Yes, we had Sharepoint, we had manuals, instructions, we had all that – but what we didn’t have is his years of collective wisdom. It was the textbook example of key person risk, and catastrophic knowledge loss, and it took the organisation years to recover. And without something better in place than what we had at the time, there’s no reason why it couldn’t happen again – in just about any business.

The question that I continually ask myself is this - if we had Knowledge Orchestrator in place, would things have been different. With the minimum viable product, I would say, probably yes. Things would have been different. Fred would have been the kind of person who fully embraced this idea. And he would have enjoyed sharing his knowledge with his colleagues.

But if I ask myself the same question again with the solution enabled by Watson Assistant, I would say, certainly yes. We would have reached the point where we had established a knowledge culture, a self sustaining model which allowed everybody to draw on, and contribute to collective wisdom. This is my measure of success.. and who knows, we might even name the chatbot ‘Fred’ in his honour.

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