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The Knowledge Orchestrator Solution

The Knowledge Orchestrator platform is just the tip of the iceberg. It serves as the interface for users to engage with their corporate knowledge base, and built using Mediawiki, the software that has powered Wikipedia for more than two decades, making it both reliable and robust.

Each customer’s knowledge base runs independently on the IBM Cloud TM . This allows customers uninterrupted access to critical business knowledge, even when their corporate network is available or has been compromised. With industry-standard identity management and security protocols, our platform ensures secure, reliable access to knowledge through IBM’s networkTM of data centers around the world.

In addition to the wiki, the solution also incorporates various IBM Watson TM technologies, which allow users to ask Kira, our virtual assistant, to help answer common business questions. Kira is regularly retrained over the knowledgebase to ensure that employees can access the information they need as quickly as possible.

The solution is entirely managed, which means we take care of all backups, patching, and server monitoring. This allows customers to focus their internal resources on creating and enhancing the corporate knowledge, not spend time administering the technology.

Content Generator

Underneath the surface is the Knowledge Orchestrator Content Generator.

This technology creates business knowledge using information output by the Analytics Engine and the Insights engine and relies on a novel eight-step approach (patent pending) to transform information into knowledge and make it available in whatever format and or language users require, such as articles, spreadsheets, presentations, audio or even movies.

Using this groundbreaking approach, we can automate many low-value analytical activities, such as sales reporting, spend analysis and basic financial reporting. Unlike expensive business intelligence tools, our solution performs the calculations, generates commentary and analysis and outputs the results into a format that is immediately useful to the end-user in a single operation. This means customers can spend more time acting on knowledge, and spend less time wrangling with spreadsheets and inflexible reporting tools.

Analytics Engine

The Analytics Engine is the powerhouse that loads and transforms internal and external data onto the platform.

We believe this technology is a world first, as it offers an end-to-end process without using traditional database storage and processing technologies. Instead, we use cloud computing resources to build in-memory multidimensional data structures which persist only as long as necessary – often only a matter of minutes. This approach is both fast and efficient as the process is provided with the resources it needs, only as long as it needs them.

We can contrast this with current practice where business data is often stored across multiple databases, each hosted on servers that sit idle most of the time. This is not an efficient approach, and it still requires users to manipulate data using local spreadsheets. This approach wastes considerable business resources, and ties up expensive resources with low-level data wrangling activities.

Insights Engine

The Insights Engine is optional functionality that creates new knowledge using advanced IBM technologies.

This module can be inserted into the Knowledge Orchestrator content generation workflow for customers wanting to solve complex business problems. This may include using neural networks to generate AI self-learning sales forecasts, or using optimization software to determine the best product mix.

Up until now, most organizations simply could not easily access such technologies. By making them available within the Knowledge Orchestrator solution, we allow customers to benefit from technology without the upfront investment, helping them accelerate their digital transformation journey and remain competitive in the marketplace.

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